Solar Energy Application Flow Chart
太阳形: the Sun


Solar Energy Controller文本框: Solar Energy Controller
文本框: Rechargeable Battery
文本框: Load
文本框: Solar Panel

nexCPU control
Function key inputs
Manual/ automatic control
Automatic ON/OFF timing
12V/24V DC outputs
120~240V AC outputs
LED indicators )
Ni-MH battery inside, lead-acid battery available
Solar Backyard Light

1.5W solar cell
2.4V/2800mAh Ni-MH battery
10 x LED
S.S. structure
Solar Energy Portable Power

Aluminum case
20W Solar panel
Storage batteryNi-MH rechargeable 12V/12Ah    Lead Acid battery also available. 
LED Indicators
Digital Voltmeter or Capacity Indicator
DC 12V/2A or
AC 110V/300W or
AC 220V/300W
Over charging/discharging protection
Solar Garden Light

2.8m~3.5m High (9ft~11.5ft)
20W solar panel
Storage Battery: Ni-MH 12V/12Ah
Controlled by light intensity/by timer


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NEXcell High/ Low Temperature Battery was introduced. Low temperature Two Way Radio Battery available.

High-T battery

Low-T battery

NEXcell consumer battery AA 2700mAh, AAA 1000mAh was put into mass production. more info.

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