Consumer Batteries and Chargers

NEXcell Consumer Rechargeable Battery

NEXcell Consumer Battery with Packaging

NEXcell Consumer Chargers

NEXcell Alkaline Battery

High Capacity 9V and Economical Dual 9V Charger

High power 200mAh 8.4V and 9.6V ^9V ̄ batteries are available from NEXcell. These batteries are excellent for professional user. NEXcell also offer advanced and economical chargers for single or dual 9V batteries. 

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Industrial Cells and Packs

NEXcell Industrial Ni-MH cells

NEXcell Li-ion Battery

NEXcell Lithium Polymer Battery

NEXcell LiFePO4 Battery

NEXcell Button cells

NEXcell Cordless Phone Battery

NEXcell High-temperature Battery

NEXcell Low-temperature Battery

NEXcell High-Rate Cells

NEXcell Industrial/ Customized Chargers

 Customized Battery Packs Available.

Primary Battery

 NEXcell LiSoCl2 Battery

 NEXcell Zinc Air Hearing Aid Battery

Two Way Radio Battery

NEXcell Ni-MH and Lithium Ion replacement battery packs can increase handheld operation time up to two times. Also check out the NEXcell Battery Charger and Analyzer.

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Li-ion Digital Camera Battery Packs

NEXcell Li-ion digital camera battery packs are 100% compatible with original manufacturer camera and chargers. We make replacement batteries for Canon, Fuji, JVC, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sharp and Sony digital cameras. NEXcell provides more than 50 types of Li-ion Battery for many brands of digital camera.

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LC-10 Intelligent Charger & Li-ion CR-V3 Battery

The LC-10 intelligent charger is one of the most efficient charger for the rechargeable Li-ion CR-V3 battery. The creative Li-ion CR-V3 battery. This rechargeable RCR-V3 battery will allow user to prolong the digital camera operation time.

   NEXcell High Power Electric Vehicle Ni-MH Batteries and Chargers

    NEXcell Solar Energy Applications

Latest News

Independent Renewable Electricity Supply System, through the wind/solar hybrid energy management system will come soon.  more info.

LED lights are developed for green power needs. More info.


Lithium power system was put into NEXcell products range, including Lithium-ion, Lithium Polymer, LiFePO4, controlling circuitry and chargersmore info.


NEXcell developed low self discharge, ready to use battery EnergyON: AA, AAA consumer & industrial low self discharge battery. Ready to use Ni-MH battery EnergyON® C 4500mAh, D 9000mAh and 9V 200mAh are available in early 2007 more info.


NEXcell High/ Low Temperature Battery was introduced. Low temperature Two Way Radio Battery available.

High-T battery

Low-T battery

NEXcell consumer battery AA 2700mAh, AAA 1000mAh was put into mass production. more info.

NEXcell introduced unique, smart, fast & battery protective 4-independent channel AA/AAA/9V charger. more info.

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