QuickCycler& Cell Formation and Sorting Equipment
QuickCycler: Research Laboratory Battery Testing Instrument

Used for all types of cells/batteries research application;

High resolution on control and data acquisition;

8 channels per unit, can be expanded to 128 channels;

CUser friendly control software;


Multiple Charge/Discharge methods: constant I, constant V, constant Load, constant Watt; pulse discharge can simulate GSM battery testing; Temperature monitoring;


Record complete testing data and advanced plotting software.

Cell Formation Equipment

Channel Number: 16 independent

No. of cell formed: 1600 cells

Industrial PC, User friendly software for easy operation

Charging in series, 16 channels, 2240 cells total operation

16 different programs can be operated at same time

Data and operation status recorded when electric breakdown

Cell Sorting Equipment

Process 600 cells at one time

9 formation program can be stored in advance

-dV/dt, Vmax, timer cutoff 

Four probes holder to ensure true voltage reading

Data and operation status recorded when electric breakdown

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